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Celebration Bus in Leeds and Manchester

10 November 2016

To celebrate ShabbatUK on 11th and 12th November ShabbatUK commissioned a promotional bus to visit Leeds and Manchester

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Exhibition Bus Returns Home After 12mth Tour

04 November 2016

The 12mth european tour with Millie the Medtronic exhibition bus has finally come to an end with the single decker bus returning back to base

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  • Roadshow Promotions - Training Buses
    5 stars

    We all really enjoyed working with your IT Training buses and team - it's been such a positive experience for so many people at AQA. I am very conscious that the smooth running of the tours has been largely down to the planning and hard effort that Roadshow Promotions Management team put in and I'm extremely grateful to you for this.


  • Roadshow Promotions - Exhibition Buses
    5 stars

    The Morrisons Let's Grow exhibition bus tour was a great success, largely due to the outstanding logistical management of Roadshow Promotions.

    Morrison Supermarkets PLC.

  • Roadshow Promotions - Hospitality Buses
    5 stars

    Having reached over 90% of our target audience with the hospitality bus we are confident that with the increased brand awareness the campaign will be a major success.

    Bristol-Myer Squib.

  • Roadshow Promotions - Promotional Buses
    5 stars

    The promotional bus and associated activities had direct effect on sales of the Manchester routes with a 150% increase of sales at - Well Done.

  • Roadshow Promotions - Health Buses
    5 stars

    The men's health bus was a fantastic success, over 50 health checks performed daily, the driver was a great asset to the tour, helping where needed and making suggestions on what would improve delivery of the service.

    NHS North Lancashire.

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